Best Friends Forever!

ImageI always wonder if guys have the same amazing friendships we women have and cherish. I’m not talking about the girlfriends you go grab lunch with during the week or the ones you hang with at the neighborhood cookout. I am talking about the ones that have stood the test of time; the ones that defy years; the ones that allow you to be yourself without judgment or expectations. They allow you to dance like no one is watching…but they really are watching and laughing (‘cause you dance like Elaine Benes!)

I am lucky and blessed by God to have a handful of these special friendships. Now, don’t get me wrong, I cherish all of my friends and each relationship is important to me, but today I am celebrating the lifelong ones!

I am not sure if it was the specific times in our lives or if it was the crazy and amazing experiences we shared together, but something make us connect…deeply! For 20+ years I’ve flown, driven, changed plans, found babysitters & cancelled appointments in order to get together with my ladies for a weekend. What drives us so strongly to be together? Is it that we are missing something? Is it that our girlfriends give us something? Do we just need some refueling or a break from our normal life? Do we want to pretend like it is 20 years ago? Or…maybe it is a combination of all of these needs!

IMG_0483Lifelong Girlfriends are a special group. They can read your mind and are one step ahead of you. They know when you need a hug, when you need a laugh and when you need a glass of wine. These friendships don’t let money or a difference of opinion get in the way. These ladies respect your opinion, your expertise & your knowledge. They want to know what you think and need to know what you would do. They are different than your significant other because their feedback helps you through the conflict while hugging you and refilling your wine glass at the same time.

I think of myself as a pretty easygoing person and I love meeting new people, but these ladies have breached security and are well within all of my walls. I don’t think I chose these special women to be in my life, it was a higher plan. I hold dearly some strong and amazing women from my childhood, from college and other times in my life. We are each unique with a level of respect and admiration that celebrates each other. Our opinions on religion, politics, childcare & family can be very different but our relationship runs deeper! All of these women are smart and amazingly successful in their lives. Some have babies and others have pets, some are realists and others are dreamers, some are conservative and others are liberal, some are the family income and others are the CEO’s of the home, some are religious and others are not – but ALL of us are friends! Every woman needs a few days to feel comfortable in stretchy pants and an oversized t-shirt. It is vital to have friends that make you want to laugh, dance and cry over some cheese dip and a bottle of wine.

I am sure someone has studied the physiological need we have for friendships like these, but I don’t think we need to understand WHY we have them. I believe that the most important take away is WHO are these women and WHEN is the next Girl’s Weekend!

About strengthinmoms

I am the proud mom of two beautiful boys.  During my first pregnancy I exercised somewhat but didn’t know how to adjust to my changing body.  Eventually I just stopped and let my pregnancy take over because I thought the aches and pains were telling me to stop.  When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I was told I needed to stop teaching cardio kickboxing and go easy during bootcamp.  I was very frustrated and confused.  I was pregnant, not injured?!  So I did my research and found out that I was right - I CAN do all of the things I was doing!  I just needed to be in tune with my body and listen to it.  I maintained my fitness levels, my core and total body strength and my relaxed state of mind.  I knew that being a mom did not mean letting go of who I am - a Strong and Fit Woman.  I deserved an hour a day to focus on my mind & body and ultimately my baby and family as well. * My passion in life is to help moms get fit and maintain their strength throughout their pregnancy and beyond.  * I am the owner of Strength in Moms - Prenatal & Postpartum Personal Training in Atlanta, GA
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4 Responses to Best Friends Forever!

  1. strephking says:


  2. givehooplove says:

    Love this, Katie!!

    I hope your radio show was awesome!!

    Big hug! Tell me when you’re back in the hill or ready for some lake time in low gap nc 🙂

    Diane Hayes The Morehead-Cain Foundation

  3. Alia Lamborghini says:

    Loved this one. Agree 1,000% ….so necessary. Hope you are doing great!


  4. How beautiful this is…and HOW RIGHT ON YOU ARE! MY WOMEN FRIENDS have loved, cared, accepted and LISTENED to me over many many years…like 40+…they have helped me surf all of my life issues with both tears and laughter..they have celebrated me and supported me through it all…and i am blessed..AND SO ARE YOU! xoxo

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