Thank you Katya!

There are moms everywhere who are blessed with angels to help support their families. Some moms work in an office, some out of their home and some work to take care of their families. All of us need help and for the past 7 years God blessed me with an angel in our family. I have had a nanny & dear family friend support, teach, love and care for my two boys. I am a lucky mother that gets to follow her career & passion. Katya was my right-hand mom. We worked as a team and my family felt the love & support.

Many moms stress over what to do after they bring their baby into the world. It is complicated! Many of us went through years of school for the career we love, many of us identified ourselves by what we did…it was different now. I am not going to write about whether I think it is right or wrong to go back to work, nor am I going to write about how hard it is being a working mom (whether that job is in an office or at home). I am going to write about the love and heart that my kids were blessed by when Katya entered our family.

My children will know that they are supported by the village around them. It means the world to a mom to see another person love and care for your child. No matter if it is a nanny, a preschool or a daycare that you entrust your child with during the day, you trust them with your flesh and blood. I will be honest, the first time I saw my son run to Katya when he fell and I was standing there too…my heart broke a little. As soon as I stopped feeling sorry for myself and realized how AMAZING it was that my son felt that motherly love and support from her too, my heart swelled with love and joy.  The hardest thing for a mom to do is to let go a little and allow others into their baby’s life. We want to feel like we are the only ones that know their routines and quirks. We want to be the one they always run to in sadness and joy. We want to be their world. I am here to tell all of the moms out there to let as much love into your kid’s world as you can! Family, friends, neighbors, babysitters & day care providers can all support you and your family. We are lucky when we are blessed by angels in our lives and I know that Katya is a part of our family forever!


THANK YOU Katya, Nik & Leon for sharing a little piece of your hearts and your family with us. We are eternally grateful for all of your love and support!


About strengthinmoms

I am the proud mom of two beautiful boys.  During my first pregnancy I exercised somewhat but didn’t know how to adjust to my changing body.  Eventually I just stopped and let my pregnancy take over because I thought the aches and pains were telling me to stop.  When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I was told I needed to stop teaching cardio kickboxing and go easy during bootcamp.  I was very frustrated and confused.  I was pregnant, not injured?!  So I did my research and found out that I was right - I CAN do all of the things I was doing!  I just needed to be in tune with my body and listen to it.  I maintained my fitness levels, my core and total body strength and my relaxed state of mind.  I knew that being a mom did not mean letting go of who I am - a Strong and Fit Woman.  I deserved an hour a day to focus on my mind & body and ultimately my baby and family as well. * My passion in life is to help moms get fit and maintain their strength throughout their pregnancy and beyond.  * I am the owner of Strength in Moms - Prenatal & Postpartum Personal Training in Atlanta, GA
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1 Response to Thank you Katya!

  1. Katya…you have been a blessing to all of us..katie, mitch, the boys, and laney, cooper and me too! Many thanks and much love for all you have done to love these boys and teach them so much ! xoxo

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