Move It to Lose It!

imageWe have a problem. People can go the week, a month or more without any physical activity.

People hire out for housekeeping & gardening, we don’t do our own chores.  We drive everywhere we need to go & we circle the parking lot for the closest spot!

We try to be as efficient as possible. Work dominates our time. However, we sit for hours and hours at work or in the car on the commute.

This terrible shift away from physical activity has led us down a dead end road filled with obesity, diabetes, childhood obesity, heart disease and so much more!


Start NOW! Get up and walk to lunch, bike to work, play outside with the kids, build a family obstacle course, walk the dog, walk a neighbors dog, join a gym, try a new fitness class… JUST MOVE MORE!

Your body, your heart & your family will thank you!


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Warrior Dash 2014 – The Year of Redemption!

Last April I was at a loss for words…I had just completed my 4th Warrior Dash with my childhood bestie and was shocked at the debacle unfolding in front of my very eyes. I am not going to rehash how unbelievable the situation really was, but I am sure that the race directors were well aware of how terribly run, ill-prepared and shocking the Warrior Dash was here in Georgia in 2013.Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.51.47 PM

Needless to say, I was hesitant to return this year, but writing this today…I am so very glad I did!  The team at Red Frog Events decided to return the event to Mountain City, GA. This small town embraces the event and the runners every year. They are kind, they volunteer, they cheer from their cabins, campsites and RV’s & they make the event better!

Jennifer and I make this a girls weekend every year, and we look forward to it all year long…from our matching t-shirts and socks, our lounging at the Holiday Inn Express, lots of wine and snacks & no families to take care of…its is wonderful!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.03.50 PMThis year was a smaller event than previous ones, but I am not complaining. As we walked in to the Warrior Dash Village for packet pick-up, we could watch waves of runners competing in the obstacles. It gets your heart pounding to see a taste of what is to come. I have competed in several mud runs around GA and sometimes I disagree with the level of difficulty of a few of the obstacles. I agree it should be challenging, but it must be safe. Many people enter into these events with rose-colored glasses. They assume everything is safe and just intimidating, but that is not always the case. I have watched many people driven off the course by the medic with broken bones, serious cuts and dislocated joints. I would like to ask the race officials that actual temperature of the water…the swim obstacles literally took my breath away! It was COLD! #SnowmeltScreen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.58.04 PM

All of that said…Georgia Warrior Dash 2014 was well prepared, safe and challenging & a great event! Throughout our wave people were laughing, smiling, helping each other, pushing each other to try harder and having a great time.Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.59.31 PM

As we crossed the finish line, we gathered our medal (which also doubles as a bottle opener!) and we headed back to the village for the after party! Red Frog Events welcomed Shock Top Brewery this year & the crowd LOVED IT! We sat in our mud soaked clothes and enjoyed a cold beer (or two) in the sunshine while people watching for hours! There was live music, a DJ, a pushup contest, tug-of-war and a dance party! One major shout out to the volunteers and staff that kept the Village clean! I never saw a trash can over flowing with garbage, very little trash around on the ground, there were plenty of bathrooms & parking was a breeze!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.51.32 PMFor the rest of our weekend, Jennifer and I kept coming back to the same comment – This year was AWESOME! I will chalk up last years event (2013) as a learning experience for Red Frog Events and the Warrior Dash team. They took that experience and made 2014 a fun and challenging weekend for everyone!

Jennifer & I look forward to next year – Year #6 for our Moms Warrior Dash Weekend!

For more information on  Warrior Dash  or other mud run/obstacle course events, feel free to send me an email.

* Share your event stories in the comment section below, on Twitter or on Facebook.


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Losing Motivation? Trying to fight the Winter Blahs!

I know that January & February are historically the months when the gym is the most crowded, everyone is extremely motivated & New Years Resolutions are flying high! I find myself in a different place…

Winter and its weather has taken a certain amount of energy and motivation out of my Winter Bluesworkouts. I have lost interest in sucking it up and going to workout outside. I can already hear most of you yelling at me – ‘Suck it up!’ or ‘You warm up so fast once you get moving.’ Oh I know…I just really don’t want to!  Here in Atlanta we have had a lot of rain, add that to 34 degree weather = BLAH! It doesn’t snow much here…it is just gross outside. Therefore I go to the gym. This leads me to my second problem this winter…

I own my own business and work & family dictate when I get to go to the gym. Typically my gym times are after lunch. For those of you who don’t usually get to the gym in the early afternoon, there is not much going on then…YOU have to motivate YOU…no classes or group exercise.

For whatever reason, my motivation is running low…I am feeling like I am on an island. I go to the gym; I put on my headphones and create my workout…alone. My job is motivating everyone around me…I am a trainer and that is my passion.

I need something new! I need motivation! I need to fall back in love with the gym! I need to schedule my day better and add fitness to my schedule and not when it fits in! Does anyone feel the same way I do?

What are you doing to stay motivated?

What is an athlete to do?

Share your stories in the comment section or on Facebook or Twitter.


Facebook – Strength in Moms

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My New Years Anti-Resolution for 2014

Don’t EVER be satisfied!DreamBig

Satisfaction will take the joy out of your success!

Be better, improve & try harder!

As I thought about those words, I felt power and excitement about what 2014 holds for me! I have always been a believer in following my gut and trusting my heart. That sense of trust in the unknown is empowering. I have little control over the future, but I have full confidence in my abilities to dream big, set goals and work hard!

I had a conversation with a close friend the other day about control, confidence and the need to enjoy the present. Too many people feel the need to control the world around them. I believe that this control has roots in another issue – lack of confidence. You feel that you need to control the future because you don’t feel confident in your ability to handle the present. All of this can ultimately take away your joy in the present. You worry about the steps ahead and miss the place you are standing in right now.  There is so much joy in the present!

Children have a GREAT skill in being present. In fact little kids are so caught up in the present that they are terrible at sharing. They don’t understand that they will get the toy or ball back again in the future. Consequently, adults lose the present and focus too much on the future. I think that we need to reconnect with our 10-year-old self. At that age, we understand that sharing is good, there are consequences to our actions & our dreams are amazing! Our 10-year-old self is not satisfied with who they are and neither should we! Satisfaction brings complacency, while dreaming can open our minds to amazing ideas and beautiful moments.

For 2014, I am here to tell you that you should NOT make New Years Resolutions!

You need to make Goals. Pick three things that you want to see happen this year. They can be big or small, but you have to list them. I urge you not to say things like – ‘I will lose weight’ or ‘I will workout more’. These things cannot be measured and you are not held accountable. Think about what amazing dreams you have for yourself or your family and how, over the next 365 days, you can achieve these goals! There is great power in believing in yourself – and I believe in you too!

What GOALS are set for you in 2014?

Live, Laugh, Love & Be Strong!

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Thank you Katya!

There are moms everywhere who are blessed with angels to help support their families. Some moms work in an office, some out of their home and some work to take care of their families. All of us need help and for the past 7 years God blessed me with an angel in our family. I have had a nanny & dear family friend support, teach, love and care for my two boys. I am a lucky mother that gets to follow her career & passion. Katya was my right-hand mom. We worked as a team and my family felt the love & support.

Many moms stress over what to do after they bring their baby into the world. It is complicated! Many of us went through years of school for the career we love, many of us identified ourselves by what we did…it was different now. I am not going to write about whether I think it is right or wrong to go back to work, nor am I going to write about how hard it is being a working mom (whether that job is in an office or at home). I am going to write about the love and heart that my kids were blessed by when Katya entered our family.

My children will know that they are supported by the village around them. It means the world to a mom to see another person love and care for your child. No matter if it is a nanny, a preschool or a daycare that you entrust your child with during the day, you trust them with your flesh and blood. I will be honest, the first time I saw my son run to Katya when he fell and I was standing there too…my heart broke a little. As soon as I stopped feeling sorry for myself and realized how AMAZING it was that my son felt that motherly love and support from her too, my heart swelled with love and joy.  The hardest thing for a mom to do is to let go a little and allow others into their baby’s life. We want to feel like we are the only ones that know their routines and quirks. We want to be the one they always run to in sadness and joy. We want to be their world. I am here to tell all of the moms out there to let as much love into your kid’s world as you can! Family, friends, neighbors, babysitters & day care providers can all support you and your family. We are lucky when we are blessed by angels in our lives and I know that Katya is a part of our family forever!


THANK YOU Katya, Nik & Leon for sharing a little piece of your hearts and your family with us. We are eternally grateful for all of your love and support!


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Best Friends Forever!

ImageI always wonder if guys have the same amazing friendships we women have and cherish. I’m not talking about the girlfriends you go grab lunch with during the week or the ones you hang with at the neighborhood cookout. I am talking about the ones that have stood the test of time; the ones that defy years; the ones that allow you to be yourself without judgment or expectations. They allow you to dance like no one is watching…but they really are watching and laughing (‘cause you dance like Elaine Benes!)

I am lucky and blessed by God to have a handful of these special friendships. Now, don’t get me wrong, I cherish all of my friends and each relationship is important to me, but today I am celebrating the lifelong ones!

I am not sure if it was the specific times in our lives or if it was the crazy and amazing experiences we shared together, but something make us connect…deeply! For 20+ years I’ve flown, driven, changed plans, found babysitters & cancelled appointments in order to get together with my ladies for a weekend. What drives us so strongly to be together? Is it that we are missing something? Is it that our girlfriends give us something? Do we just need some refueling or a break from our normal life? Do we want to pretend like it is 20 years ago? Or…maybe it is a combination of all of these needs!

IMG_0483Lifelong Girlfriends are a special group. They can read your mind and are one step ahead of you. They know when you need a hug, when you need a laugh and when you need a glass of wine. These friendships don’t let money or a difference of opinion get in the way. These ladies respect your opinion, your expertise & your knowledge. They want to know what you think and need to know what you would do. They are different than your significant other because their feedback helps you through the conflict while hugging you and refilling your wine glass at the same time.

I think of myself as a pretty easygoing person and I love meeting new people, but these ladies have breached security and are well within all of my walls. I don’t think I chose these special women to be in my life, it was a higher plan. I hold dearly some strong and amazing women from my childhood, from college and other times in my life. We are each unique with a level of respect and admiration that celebrates each other. Our opinions on religion, politics, childcare & family can be very different but our relationship runs deeper! All of these women are smart and amazingly successful in their lives. Some have babies and others have pets, some are realists and others are dreamers, some are conservative and others are liberal, some are the family income and others are the CEO’s of the home, some are religious and others are not – but ALL of us are friends! Every woman needs a few days to feel comfortable in stretchy pants and an oversized t-shirt. It is vital to have friends that make you want to laugh, dance and cry over some cheese dip and a bottle of wine.

I am sure someone has studied the physiological need we have for friendships like these, but I don’t think we need to understand WHY we have them. I believe that the most important take away is WHO are these women and WHEN is the next Girl’s Weekend!

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10 Easy Ways to Find 10 Minutes of Exercise Throughout the Day!

  1. Take the StairsTake the Stairs
  2. Park further away from the grocery store
  3. Take a lap around the entire mall before and after you shop
  4. Walk throughout your office rather than emailing or texting coworkers
  5. Get off the subway or bus one or two stops before and walk the rest of the way
  6. Walk around, up/down stairs, do squats or hold a wall squat while on a phone call or conference call
  7. Take the groceries in one bag at a time or take the laundry to rooms one group of clothing at a time
  8. Wash your car yourself (let the kids help!)
  9. Sit on a stability ball at your desk (work your core throughout the day)
  10. Play outside with your kids (tag, sports, hide and seek)Kids Parents playing

10 minutes every day can make a BIG difference!

Reduce stress, feel more fit, relax and have fun!

What everyday fitness activities do you enjoy?

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Are you a Spartan? You Should Be! (reblog)

by Mighty Mom on April 10, 2013

Spartan Race

I love playing outside and getting dirty.  After all I am the mom of all boys! Therefore mud runs are a great activity for me! The Spartan Race fits perfectly with my love of the outdoors and competition…. Click here to read more!

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy

(This is a blog I recently wrote on my Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Site about the Spartan race.)

Direct Link:

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What To Expect – Pregnancy Sex!

Hey mamas out there…I thought this one was funny!

We all know that pregnancy messes with our bodies in ways that no one other than moms can understand, but how does it alter our Sex Drives?

Check out this survey done by What to Expect

  • What do you think?
  • Did your sex drive increase?
  • Was your husband scared to ‘hit’ the baby? (hehehehe)

What to Expect

What To Expect – Pregnancy Sex Survey

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My 4 o’clock Kitchen Graze & Stuff!

Every day at 4 o’clock I get home from work and am so hungry that I want to shovel all of my pantry and fridge in my belly! The problem is that at 4 o’clock my brain is tired from making decisions all day and therefore my snacking decisions usually suffer.  So I thought I would make it easy by creating a list of great snack choices to avoid the ‘Kitchen Graze & Stuff’!

Healthy Low Calorie Snacks:

  • 1-2 cups of blueberries or other berries
  • veggies (steamed or raw) and hummus
  • cheese stick or single serving of cottage cheese
  • 100 calorie popcorn
  • small serving of nuts
  • small yogurt (Greek or regular)
  • granola bar (read the label first, not too much sugar)
  • apple or another piece of whole fruit
  • hard-boiled egg
  • sliced tomatoes, feta cheese and olive oil
  • A Vitamuffin
  • edamame
  • steal cut or instant oatmeal
  • shrimp cocktail
  • sliced turkey
  • a small glass of white or chocolate milk

All of these choices taste great & will not ruin your dinner or your waistline!


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