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Should I pay Elmo $10/hr?

I am sure that every mother and father out there has found themselves on a Saturday morning with their eyes shut in bed, hoping that if they ignore the cries from the crib down the hall, they will go away.  … Continue reading

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I’m Pregnant…now what?

So lets start from the beginning, I starting doing what I am doing (perinatal personal training) because I was told all of the things I couldn’t do when I was pregnant.  So the search began of what can I do … Continue reading

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Mom, Why am I fat?

Ok, nothing like starting this blog thing out on a touchy subject!  But why not…like the commercials say – stop sugarcoating it! Georgia has begun an ad campaign addressing childhood obesity.  Many have been supportive and many have been outraged.  … Continue reading

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Who is a Strong and Fit Mom?

So the day is here, I am starting my blog.  I thought I would never do this because I didn’t think it was in my blood.  Nevertheless, the inner teacher has come out and as of today I am turning … Continue reading

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